Continue to deliver the position as a leading outsourcing brand building expert in our markets for forward thinking FMCG companies who need efficient & innovative value creation solutions. We are creating the right strategies and business proposals, enabling your brands to achieve its potential. To create a network based "Distributor of the Future" set-up.

Our definition of a succesfull partnership is 100 % knowledegable insight, focus and understanding - supporting the core business. Ability to integrate, develop and scale with excellence. We are identifying the key business drivers and deliver on agreed cost efficient business plans via structured go to market process.





To become a preferred and consolidated FMCG brand outsorcing solution provider in Denmark and the Nordic markets.


Peter Bräuner is a multi-award winning FMCG Visionary delivering well known ability to set-up, develop and scale brands.

- Winning culture  

- High level of functional excellence

- Honesty and opennes in communication